Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock

There are plenty of speaker systems available on the market, ranging from small portable ones like the X-Mini Capsule Speakers to full blown surround sound systems for home cinemas. When portable audio players such as iPods came out, a new type of speaker was introduced – a sort of in-between to provide better quality audio than small speakers but at a cheaper price than the full out audio systems.

The Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock recently had a price drop, making it quite an attractive purchase for a simple speaker solution. What I really love about it is its simplicity – it really does what it says. It’s a speaker, that can be attached via Bluetooth and comes with a dock for your device. The speakers can be powered by 8 AA batteries as a portable speaker solution, or plugged into the mains – in my opinion a more preferable solution. Even though you can use it as a portable speaker, it’s not really that portable and given you have to have 8 AA batteries, it’s not the most convenient portable speaker system around. There are much more portable solutions out there that do the same function and require less battery power.

On the other hand however, as a speaker system set up in one place, such as a spare room or even kitchen, this works tremendously well.¬†The awesome thing I found is that on iOS devices, you can pair it up to output any form of sound pretty much – and that includes YouTube videos! I’m not sure if the same goes for Android devices but I’d imagine so. This comes in very handy as there are plenty of YouTube videos out there that loads of people would want to listen to just the audio.

As an accessory for mobile devices and even laptops these days (as plenty have Bluetooth built-in), the¬†Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker is quite a nice solution, albeit not very portable as it attempts at being. The fact that it even comes with a dock for your mobile device seems to prove to me that it was never really meant to be portable, but they decided to add in the ability anyway. The dock itself is really just a slab of plastic to hold your phone with the appropriate cut out for your cable to fit through – it doesn’t come with the cable or connector itself, making it quite universal.

I feel that they should have concentrated this as being a non-portable speaker solution and forgotten about the battery power. Then maybe, they could have introduced an LED screen, saying which device is connected at the time. It seems you can also only connect one device at a time to it – with no past memory. Having an LED screen could at least give some sort of menu for showing history of devices and not having to pair devices each time.

This is compatible with pretty much all mobile devices these days as long as they have Bluetooth and would make a good accessory for a media-centric device such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. Check out accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4 over at Gear Zap.