Operation Anchorage Available Outside your Window (UK Only)

For those living in the UK, it’s been pretty hard not to have noticed the downpour of snow and sleet early on this week. It’s expected to return later this evening and possibly tomorrow too. However, this is the first time it has snowed this much in 10 yeas, and it certainly has been a while since I’ve seen the ground covered in not just a thin layer of snow, but up to 10cm!

But anyway, as the title of this blog post may suggest, I’ve had a chance to go about a couple of hours into the Fallout 3 DLC, Operation Anchorage. Just to give a little background to what the DLC is, the Brotherhood of Steel have discovered some sort of bunker or storage depot, however to get inside a simulation must be completed. You as the player are the only one to do this, since you have the Pip-Boy machine on your arm that, for some reason, allows you to enter the simulation.

The simulation itselfs places you into the past, but still future for us. The setting is that you’re in Canada, where the Chinese are attempting to take over the country. Specifically at a point called Anchorage (full of snow and cliffs), you must go through a set of missions, almost Call of Duty style, to attempt to defend yourselves against the Chinese.

At first, it seems like a normal part of the game, with set missions to follow. However, a little further into the DLC, the game opens up and lets you choose between three different sub-missions, each relating to separate locations. You also get to fight in a small squad of units that you choose, which doesn’t happen elsewhere in the game as far as I know.

It’s still early to give my full impressions of the DLC. So far it’s been enjoyable, however the environment at the bit I am up to is pretty diverse, and overwhelming in the sense that it’s not always clear where to go and what to do despite having access to the Pip-Boy.