The Dark Knight

The new Batman movie came out a while ago and it certainly has been the talk of town! It has generated amazing revenue and became the most successful movie beating Spider-Man 3’s record set last year at opening. I went and saw it last week, and it certainly was an entertaining watch. I’ve heard varied opinions, so let me give mine.

As I said, it was an entertaining movie to watch. However, I feel this is the case because of the much darker theme that runs through the movie. Compared to most superhero movies, The Dark Knight is not very joyful and I wouldn’t really mark it as a suitable movie for kids. The different perspectives make this movie good and bad. Let me explain.

If I was a kid, and watching Batman on TV as I used, the Joker seemed like a much more fun character and not as sadistic. Batman seems like a fairly stereotypical crime fighting superhero, who beats up the bad guys like usual and deals with the issues going on in Gotham. Now if with this view, I went and saw the movie, I think I would start crying. It’s very mature and dark, and for a kid I’m sure it probably felt like a horror movie thanks to the tremendous acting by Heath Ledger as the Joker. I’m not sure kids would have even enjoyed it much since Batman didn’t really feature much in the movie; it felt more of a tale of Harvey Denton, the “white knight” lawyer of Gotham City.

Now from a more mature perspective, this movie was fantastic. Walking in to watch a superhero movie is fairly stereotypical and predictable. You generally know there’s a bad guy, who tries something crazy to take over the world or something, and the good guy stops him, often with lots of risks at stake. The Dark Knight did not feel like this at all. While there were big risks at stake, the Joker was just a sadistic lunatic, and that makes this movie enjoyable. He’s not after taking over the city, or the world, you’ll have to watch it to get a true feel of what he’s after!

These points made the movie extremely enjoyable. There was a huge negative though, Batman’s voice. Christian Bale is a decent actor; I really liked his role in Equilibrium (which I thought was better than The Matrix but very much under-appreciated). However, does he really need to put on such a gruff voice when he’s in the Batman suit, which quite frankly sounds ridiculous and stupid. I don’t know how criminals take him seriously when he puts that voice on.

So on the whole, it was a great watch and I’m really enjoying how they unfold things in this new series of Batman movies. I look forward to whenever the next movie comes out and what the plot will be about.